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Get Started with Free Trading on the Stock Market Today and Get a Free Stock too

          It's hard when you first decide to invest in the stock market.  There's a lot to learn, money to be earned and lost, and defiantly lessons to be remembered. Good for you that there is Robinhood, which is a free stock trading application, and website now, which trades stocks with no fees at all.  You can also buy and sell Cryptocurreny.  When you signup with my link, we both get a free stock, it could be anything from a fiver dollar stock like Sprint, to a 300 dollars stock like Netflix!

Get Started with Free Trading on the Stock Market Today and Get a Free Stock too

Robinhood is a stock business that enables clients to purchase and offer U.S. recorded stocks and ETFs with $0 commission. We trust that everybody ought to approach the monetary markets and are determined to rouse another age of financial specialists. 
How are we ready to offer sans commission exchanging while others energize to $10 per exchange? Robinhood was developed starting from the earliest stage be as productive as would be prudent. By removing the fat — many customer facing facade areas, manual record administration, costly Super Bowl promotions, and so forth — we can keep up a lean main concern and pass the investment funds along to you, the client. 
Robinhood is a SEC enlisted representative merchant and individual from FINRA and SIPC. (The graph beneath depends on data distributed by businesses as of April 18, 2017. For more data about Robinhood's expenses, please observe our Commission and Fee Schedule.) 

Robinhood's story starts very nearly 10 years back at Stanford University, where fellow benefactors Vlad and Baiju were flat mates and schoolmates. 
In the wake of spending long evenings worked on issue sets together, the two chose to gather their packs and make a beeline for Wall Street to construct an organization that made exchanging stages for a portion of the world's biggest budgetary establishments. 
They soon discovered that electronic exchanging firms pay successfully nothing to put exchanges available. Then again, regular financial specialists were exhausted up to $10 per exchange. Baiju and Vlad acknowledged the time had come to bring this preferred standpoint to everybody. Via robotizing a large number of the expensive obligations that current businesses keep up as a remainder from the pre-Internet period, they could construct a significantly more cost proficient and agreeable financier.

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