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What is the Best VPN for Use With Firestick in 2018

When it comes to keeping yourself safe online, especially in the age of technology, you can never be too careful.  When you are using a firestick, torrents, and anything else where it's peer to peer, you have to be EXTRA Careful! Here is why I think the below options are some of the best VPNs you can use to stay safe while searching online, with a firestick, or just day to day torrent downloads.

First off, What Exactly is a VPN? And Why Do You need One?
VPN, which stands of a Virtual Private Network, allows safe surfing of the web because it's secure and fully anonymous.  It creates a safe, encryption tunnel that connects your computer to the internet, cafe wifi hotspots, or anything else. This basically "puts a mask on you" while you use the internet. 
The advancement of the internet and the confinements governments are putting on it implies it's considerably simpler than at any other time to have as long as you can remember uncovered on the web. Web based managing an account, perusing history, private messages — these are altogether followed and put away by your Internet Service Provider. In the US they can even pitch this information to sponsors. 

Which implies you're completely open to a wide range of promoter plans. They could even charge you more for your most loved membership services once they know the amount you cherish it! And additionally this current there's the entrance to your private messages, grown-up content viewings and whole perusing history — all open to following, putting away and offering by your ISP when you don't have a VPN service.

The Best VPN I have used is Hide My Ass, but there are many other ones which work almost as good, but I only trust Hide My Ass because of a few issues I've had else wise.

Hope this article was helpful, and stay safe!

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