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Is Litecoin the Next Bitcoin? Maybe, and this is why...

Litecoin, the silver to Bitcoin gold.  So if you are new to crypto, and investing to make more money, you've come to the right article.  Bitcoin, will be and is the number one Crypto, and what most markets value their other cryptos at.  If you notice on exchange platforms, if bitcoin goes up, everything else will follow or fall depending.  So far the only one that can stand alone, for the most part is litecoin.  Litecoin was created right after bitcoin, and has much less of a transfer fee, and much faster sending times than bitcoin. If you've only bought on coinbase etc so far you probably haven't had the change to actually use either one of these currency's for trading.

Litecoin was created right after bitcoin, and will be the next big boom.  If you are investing to just make quick money and get out, well you might be able to with any other Cypto, but if you are investing to see massive gains in the future, and hold it for years, as you would a stock in a retirement account, then litecoin is your coin.

I've personally doubted lite coin, and crypto in general over the past year that I've been investing and trading, and every time after trading litecoin for another coin, or cashing out, I've regretted it.  I've never once been able to buy back in at what I originally purchased it for.  


Litecoin - The Next Bitcoin for 2018
Litecoin - The Next Bitcoin for 2018

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