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Best Crypto Currencies to invest in for 2018

What are the best investments in cryptocurrency to invest in for 2018? I'll tell you.  

The oldest and most trusted crypto coins are Litecoin, Bitcoin, and honestly, that it.

You heard me right, Litecoin, and bitcoin.  No other cryptos are holding their own.  Do I know everything, no way!  Will other go up crazy percentages and can you make tons of money? Sure.

If you have been investing and trading crypto for a while now, you've probably noticed that most crypto only has enough backing to shoot up hard, and then fall down low.  The most consistent backign is litecoin and bitcoin.  What people don't realize is that bitcoin has insane and SLOW transfer times and exhcange rates.  Litecoin is the number one functional currency, to me.  

Want to be rich in 1-5 years if you are holding long term? Litecoin/bitcoin is the way to go.

Invest 50 bucks and get back at me in a few months, I bet you'll be saying damn dude you are so right.

You can trade all day on an exchange like poloniex, etc, but those are quick trades and you need to understand the high side and the low side. Crypto goes through popular stages, and then it dies out, then it gets popular again, and then it dies out.  Make sure you buy near the bottom or else you may lose almost all you investment.

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